Al Hamilton

(Public Safety Study Commission; formerly Advisory Committee)

"I have know Sam and worked with him on town affairs for close to 10 years. He is a man of great integrity and broad experience. But what really impresses me is his intellect and his willingness to dig into issues and apply his analytical skills to come to creative solutions. He will be a great Selectman." 

John Butler

(formerly Advisory Committee) 

"I served with Sam on the Advisory Committee for many years. I support Sam because he works very hard for the Town, is creative, thoughtful and open minded." 

Gerry Capra

(Southborough School Committee)

“Sam attends many School Committee meetings, and consistently offers quality support and advice to the Southborough schools.  Sam's best qualities are his trustworthiness, intelligence, and listening skills. He is a credit to the town, and I wish him the best in the upcoming election.” 

Janet Maney

 (Advisory Committee; formerly Drafting Committee for Town Manager Legislation)

 “I have served on the Advisory Committee with Sam for four years. He is the most hard-working, thorough and clear-thinking person I have ever collaborated with. He has no personal agendas - just a desire to make town government and services as effective and efficient as possible for the least amount of money. He is willing to tackle any problem and is creative and open to any ideas in order to reach a solution. I hope he is elected Selectman - he would do a great job.” 

Claire Reynolds

 (Economic Development Committee, formerly Advisory Committee, Municipal Technology Committee)

"Sam is by far the most qualified person running for Selectman. His commitment has already been demonstrated by the number of meetings he regularly attends. He has a better attendance record than some of the board and committee members. 

His proven dedication has provided him with knowledge of all facets of the Town's operation. He has done the work to be totally prepared with knowledge to provide impartial and informed leadership.

Sam is totally impartial and transparent. He will bring the necessary perspective to the Board of Selectmen."

Nancy and Leo Buck

“Sam Stivers stands for the Town of Southborough. His vast knowledge of our town and its government was displayed over and over during the Stoney Brook condominium development Zoning Board Meetings. We proudly stand with Sam Stivers!” 

Freddie Gillespie

 “I support Sam Stivers 100%. Sam is a man of highest integrity, with total commitment to the town of Southborough. The quality I appreciate most about Sam is that he actually listens carefully to others and develops his opinions after thorough investigation of the issues. He is not unyielding and he is willing change his position based on input from citizens and new information.

 While Sam and I have not always agreed on issues, I have always known his position was arrived at honestly and was what he believed to be in the best interests of the town. Sam is the only town official who has regularly attended Open Space Preservation Commission Meetings to get our take on things. In a Town that consistently states we care about open space as a highest priority, the Open Space Preservation Commission couldn’t get on the Selectmen’s agenda to discuss the disposition of the town’s most important open space priorities as documented in 35 years of reports and plans. Having a Selectmen who considers all sides of an issue and listens not only to citizens but Town Boards and Committees will be an asset to our Town.” 

Meme Luttrell

“I have known Sam since he was the Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) when there was a 40B project proposed behind my house. I attended all of the hearings and I found Sam to be very knowledgeable about the process. He listened intently to the concerns of the neighborhood and he worked diligently to negotiate conditions with the proponent that would address the neighborhood concerns.  Since that time I have worked with Sam and sought his opinion on various matters. I find him to be professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, thorough, evenhanded, and he has a great sense of humor! Sam is a problem solver who is never afraid to ask the difficult questions and is always willing to roll up his sleeves and work on a resolution.  I respect Sam and I enthusiastically support him for Selectmen!”  

Judy Budz

(Advisory Committee, former Library Trustee) 

I met Sam 10 years ago when I was a Library trustee, and he frequently attended our trustee meetings. He was always very helpful, thoughtful, and supportive. He brings these same qualities to his work on the Advisory Committee, where we are now colleagues.  Sam is extremely well prepared; and if he doesn’t know something, he takes the extra step (and sometimes the extra mile) to find out. He is impressively cooperative and very easy to work with. Sam will be an excellent Selectman, and I am happy to support his candidacy for Selectman."