Sam's Supporters

All of the individuals below are either current and/or former Southborough government volunteers. They know what is required to be an effective Town volunteer (whether elected or appointed). All have watched me attending 100s of town board and committee meetings each year for many years. They believe that I am the best choice for Selectman. I am proud to have their support.

John Butler (Former member of: Advisory Committee)

Al Hamilton (Former member of: Public Safety Study Committee & Advisory Committee)

Kathy Cook - Advisory Committee & Public Safety Building Committee

Jesse Stein - Planning Board & Southborough Housing Opportunity Partnership Committee

Attila Herczeg - Southborough Open Land Foundation

Sally Watters - Southborough Open Land Foundation & Historical Society

Marnie Hoolahan (Former member of: Drafting Committee for Town Manager Legislation)

Deborah Costine McAdow - Southborough Open Land Foundation & Southborough Historical Society

Whitney Beals - Southborough Open Land Foundation

Richard Wallace - Library Trustee

Karen Sorine Cvitkovich - Open Space Preservation Commission & Master Plan Committee

Nancy Vargas (Former member of: Zoning Board of Appeals, Municipal Facilities Committee, Historical Commission, Open Space Preservation Commission, Cordaville Park Triangle Committee, Zoning Advisory Committee)

Joyce Greenleaf - Southborough Stewardship Committee

Stephen Scaringi (Former member of: St. Mark’s Golf Course Master Plan Committee)

Larry Samberg - Municipal Technology Committee

Betty Meyer (Former member of: Southborough Housing Opportunity Partnership Committee)

Janet Maney (Former member of: Advisory Committee, Drafting Committee for Town Manager Legislation, SOS & SEF Scholarship Committee)

Claire Reynolds - Advisory Committee (Former member of: Municipal Technology Committee, Town Meeting Review Committee & EDC)

Luisa Vargas - Trails Committee

Roger Challen - School Committee (Former member of: Board of Selectman, Advisory Committee & Municipal Technology Committee)

Thad Soule - Open Space Preservation Commission

Terry Ryan (Former Library Trustee)

Frederica Gillespie - Open Space Preservation Commission, Community Preservation Committee & Golf Course CR Committee

Nancy Mayo (Former Library Trustee)

Rob Bussey (Former member of: Municipal Technology Committee)

Regina McAuliffe (Former member of: Zoning Board of Appeals)

David Coombs (Former Moderator & Selectman)

Lou Palecki - Golf Course Committee

Bill Sines - Americans With Disabilities Act Committee (Former member of: Southborough Open Land Foundation)

Ed Estella (Former member of: Zoning Board of Appeals)

Paul Butka - N/S Regional School Committee

Benjamin Smith -Conservation Commission

Rebecca Deans-Rowe - Historical Commission & Master Plan Committee

Michael Weishan (Former member of: Historical Commission & Southborough Historical Society)

Kevin Battles - Golf Course Committee

Hewitt Heiserman, Jr. (Former member of: Southborough Open Land Foundation)

Andre Fortin - Golf Course Committee & Golf Course Conservation Restriction Committee

Meme Luttrell - Planning Board & Master Plan Committee ( Former member of: Open Space Preservation Commission)

Andrew Mills - Planning Board & Community Preservation Committee

Tim Martel - Advisory Committee (Former member of: Community Preservation Committee, Town Meeting Review Committee & Drafting Committee for Town Manager Legislation)

Margarite Landry - Library Trustee, Youth Commission, Master Plan Committee

Judy Budz - Advisory Committee (Former Library Trustee)

Kate Battles - Historical Commission

Debbie Demuria - Zoning Board of Appeals

Susan Butka - Youth Commission

Kathleen Harragan-Polutchko - Regional School Committee (Former member of: Southborough School Committee)

Jerry Capra (Former member of: Southborough School Committee)

Jack Barron - Southborough Open Land Foundation

Mark Ford (Former member of: Advisory Committee)

Steve Phillips (Former member of: Main Street Design Working Group)

Eileen Samberg (Former member of: Southborough Scholarship Advisory Committee)

Karen Muggeridge (Former member of: Advisory Committee; Open Space Preservation Comm, Town Governance Study Committee)

Carl Guyer - Conservation Commission

Larry Vagnini (Former member of:St. Mark’s Golf Course Master Plan Committee)