Sam’s "Candidate Letter"

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About Sam

Why Am I Running For Selectman?

  1. I care about the future of Southborough. I will work to retain and enhance the great things about Southborough that make us all want to live here.
  2. I will make Town government more effective. My management skills and experience will  help provide better value for our tax dollars.
  3. I bring a fresh, independent view to Town issues. I pay careful attention to the interests of the residents most affected by these issues.  


Why Vote For Me?

  • Detailed understanding of Town government operations
  • Independent - no conflicts of interest or obligations to special interest groups
  • Open-minded - always ready to listen to citizen input
  • Analytical thinking to understand all sides of an issue
  • Public comment at Selectmen's meetings would always be scheduled
  • Proven track record in devoting the time and effort necessary to effectively do the job


What I have done to earn your vote - Over the past several years, I have attended: 

     Bi-monthly Board of Selectmen meetings

     All Town Meetings

Plus regular attendance at:

     Conservation meetings

     Community Preservation meetings

     Recreation/Golf Course meetings 

     Open Space meetings

     Main Street Design Working Group meetings

     Library meetings

     Economic Development Committee meetings

     Municipal Technology meetings

     Historical Commission meetings

     Planning Board meetings

     Personnel Board meetings

     Board of Health meetings

     Town Manager Study Committee meetings

     Zoning Board of Appeals meetings 

     Assessors meetings

     Public Works Planning Board meetings

     School Committee (Regional & K-8) meetings